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Back to Basics: Lessen the inconvenience for your guests

Back to Basics: Lessen the inconvenience for your guests

Many guests view a room as their own little haven, a safe and peaceful place away from life's everyday stresses and surroundings. So, it's safe to say the one thing they DONT want is inconvenience during their stay.

A clean and well presented room should be the absolute minimum when inviting guests to stay at your B&B or hotel. Providing a range of complimentary toiletries and tasty treats is also a nice touch which should keep you in the good books, and hopefully the reviews glowing.

But what about the basics? As the saying goes:

''The most simple things can bring the most happiness''

You'd be surprised how many accommodation owners forget to outfit their rooms with some of the most basic amenities. So, to help we've highlighted some of the simplest of items guaranteed to reduce inconvenience for your guests:

Hairdryer and other "Comforts of Home"

Ever noticed those designer type overnight bags seem to be getting smaller and more extravagant in design? You've seen them as your guests check... screaming neon floral print with zippers about to burst. That bulge will be those extra pair of heels, because being the good host, you've already taken care of the hairdryer neatly bagged away in a drawer ready for action...right?

And for those guests that simply forget to bring their fundamental accessories, you might just be saving a life by having one handy. Your city's World Famous Spinach Florentine sounds like a great idea until your guest has a reminder stuck in their gums! Our Comforts of Home products were designed as solid standbys, for when guests forget a tooth brush, floss or pop a button. Even if you don't provide them in every room, holding these items at the front desk, with a friendly note in the bathroom informing guests that you have these on hand, will certainly put you in their good books.

Coat hangers

We've mentioned before that, at some time or another, we've all stayed in one of those properties with a wardrobe filled with a mixed bag of bent old hangers. Not a good look is it?

Yes, there'll always be guests who prefer to live out of their case for the weekend. But for most, whether it's a leisure or business stay, a nice rack of matching solid coat hangers for those crisp shirts or evening outfits will be sure to help maintain the standards guests have come to expect.


We've all been there... no matter how delicately you take your clothes out of your bag upon arrival, they're never in the same neatly packed, origami-style shapes you put them in, and those tough wooden coat hangers aren't miracle workers. So, to prevent the inconvenience of guests having to go for the ˜straight out of the suitcase'' look, either provide an iron in your rooms or make it clear they can use one from reception (for free of course).

One of the most popular questions on the TripAdvisor forums is ˜Does this hotel have an iron in the room?''. Say no more.

Door signs

If only you or your cleaners had a crystal ball. You'd know exactly when the coast was clear to quickly move in with the cleaning cart and more soap. Unfortunately, you don't, so prevent any awkward encounters by having the all-important ˜Please Clean Room" and "Do Not Disturb" signs hung on the inside of every room door.

They may just be rooms to you, but remember they are hideaway havens for your guests. The last thing a couple wants on a weekend break without the kids is hearing that master key turning in their door!

Trash Basket

Although we're sure your cleaner would do a great job collecting all that travel trash sprawled across the welcome tray, or the mini hotel shampoo bottles from the shower floor, believe it or not people don't want them lying around until the next cleaning.

We think it should be law that every guest room have a small basket, preferably a sleek one to hide the bag liners that otherwise tend to flop unattractively down the sides. Just kidding on the law part, but have you ever spared a thought for those guests who might not actually want you sifting through their trash? You just might end up stumbling across the receipt for that leopard print overnight bag that's blinding you from the luggage cart.

- Team Custom

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