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The Top 4 Things To Consider When You Are Choosing an Amenities Line That Will WOW Your Guests!

When choosing an amenity line for your property, there are many things that must be considered. Being in the hotel amenities supply business for the last 55 years, we know our stuff and have narrowed down the top 4 things to think about before your make your next order.

  1. Availability:

When it comes to ordering your amenities, access and availability is vital. It can be a HUGE nightmare to have a product your guests come to love that gets back ordered and you can’t get your needed items in for weeks – sometimes MONTHS. Imagine having to order massive amounts of unneeded product just to avoid these problems. We pride ourselves on ALWAYS having our products IN STOCK. Your order is shipped next business day with No Minimum Order Required. We have been in the business for over 5 decades – so yeah… we know the importance of keeping the ordering process simple and hassle free.

  1. Fragrance:

There is nothing worse than having an overwhelming scented amenities line that makes your guests sneeze or complain that the fragrance is too feminine or strong. All of our product lines are formulated with a mild fragrance – with Eco, ESA and Nuture having the perfect gender neutral profiles, so your guests will never have to deal with those awkward moments. We also know that there is a growing awareness in perfume sensitivities – so we are a proud to offer our TRUE line of amenities that are fragrance and paraben free – Check it out here.

  1. Design:

Let’s say your property is in Alberta – with rolling prairies and open skies and you have an amenities line with sail boats on it..? Hmmm... leaves your guests a little confused as to what you’re representing. In this case try our Hydro Line – a clean crisp design that gives the sense of relaxation without narrowing your demographics.  All of our products have been professionally developed with a neutral design in mind so that they fit with ANY décor – coast to coast and every unique property in between.

  1. Price Point:

Your bottom line matters and we at Custom Amenities understand your search for the best product at the best price. We offer plenty of options for saving costs no matter the size of your property –for instance check out our low volume section – perfect for smaller properties that don’t have the room for a huge inventory. Alternatively –let's say you do have the room – well, we have a great price point for high volumes – the more you buy the more you save with some of our amenities being mere pennies per item.

With online reviews an ever increasing part of the decision making process on where a guest will stay, choose an amenity line that you feel is a reflection of the accommodation you provide. As always – if there are any answers needed – we are here to help!

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