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Thoughtful Extras to get Your Guests through Winter

Here are four of our favorite ways to spoil guests with a little “extra care”.

Custom Lip Balm

With moisture sucking erratic temperatures, battling chapped lips is a challenge year-round. How great would it be to give your guests some lip relief AND have your hotel’s name right on the packaging? Check out our lip balm collections or read our blog on how custom lip balm has HUGE advertising benefits for your hotel.

Loofah Mitt

Our individually wrapped loofah mitt is the perfect something extra for your guest bathrooms. The exfoliating effects of this high-quality sponge will help to gently care for dry skin. This sponge is a wonderful, unexpected bathroom treat and doubles as a takeaway gift!

Bath crystals

This little bottle of esa lavender bath crystals looks like a little present on the counter. Let your guests know you care and leave them a special treat for their stay. The soothing scent will make their warm, relaxing soak even more enjoyable.


Keep their toes warm and toasty with a pair of luxurious terry cloth waffle slippers. Nothing says “we care about you” quite like a pair of slippers left in the closet.

Stay warm, 

- Team Custom 

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