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About Nurture 

Wild Flower and Argan Oil 

Renew, Reuse and Relax... Nurture is sourced using the argan tree, which for ages has been known for its nourishing properties for the skin and hair.  Nurture boasts no parabens and are made using spa quality formulations, minimal preservatives, and is printed using soy based ink. Choose from four twist top bottles, relaxing bath salts, three luxury soaps, and numerous sundry items. 

Soft Touch Tubes

It's all in the details.

It starts here –  delving deep into the Moroccan landscape, our Nurture hotel bath toiletries set delights the senses of your guests with rich notes of wild flower and enriching properties from the argan tree.  This unique ecologically mindful hotel toiletries line includes: travel size hotel shampoo, nourishing conditioner, moisturizing lotion, shower gel. All our liquid Nurture eco friendly hotel toiletries line is crafted in our stylish and sophisticated silky matte tinted squeeze bottles constructed from recycled plastic – with convenient 100% recycled twist cap for multiple use. 

Nurture Salon Grade 

Body Wash  | 20ml Soft squeeze tube with easy twist cap. 

Nurture Salon Grade 

Conditioner | 20ml Soft Squeeze Tube with easy twist cap

Nurture Salon Grade 

Body Lotion  | 20ml Soft squeeze tube with easy twist cap.

Nurture Salon Grade

Shampoo  | 20ml Soft squeeze tube with easy twist cap.

French Milled Guest Room Soaps

Our Nurture line of hotel bath amenities continues with 3 beautiful choices of gentle French milled vegetable based hotel soaps. Our guest amenity soap set is made with natural ingredients, will moisturize and exfoliate while the luxurious glycerin bar is soothing, high performing, and sure to indulge your guests during their stay. The soaps offered in this line of guest room toiletries consist of our top-quality glycerin leaf bar, 30g Luxury bar and 35g exfoliating Oatmeal bar. Aided with their own unravelled fragrance of aromatic argan oil and a hint of wild flower – it guarantees a memorable selection that your guests are going to adore!

Nurture 30g Facial is sealed in a luxurious pillow wrapper, which ensures a fresh bar everytime.

Nurture 35g Luxury Bar is sealed in a pillow wrapper, which ensures your guest a fresh bar everytime.

Nurture 30g Glycerine Bar. A wonderful addition to your guest amenity offering. Your guests will LOVE it!

The Little Extras...

A complementing collection of overnight premium hotel guest accessories also awaits your guests. We have worked hard to find sundry items that will leave them feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead while guaranteeing to leave the lasting impression that you are keeping the comforts of home in mind. The wholesale hotel guest amenities sundry items are all designed to complement the rest of the Nurture hotel toiletries line, which consists of: hotel shower caps, mint infused lip balm, shower cap, hotel shoe polisher, and hotel mending kits – ideal items for when your guests forget their own.


Hotel Conditioner Nurture 20ml 

"My customers are in love with this line (conditioner, shampoo, body gel, soap). They are amazing, perfect size, and has enough product in the tube. If you're looking for something to wow your guests, this will do the trick!"

Thomas Gills.

Hotel Soap Nurture Luxury Oatmeal Bar 35g   

" I stay in many hotels a year and was so impressed with this soap on my last trip. First time I tried this bar and it was very moisturizing and lathered beautifully. Love that it's vegetable based and not lard (gross)."

Luiza M. 

"These little glycerine soaps are fantastic. My guests keep asking me if they can buy some from me. :) And that pretty much says it all.

Joice B.

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