When Comfort is of the Utmost Importance

When every touch matters, choose toiletry supplies that are made for gentle care and to preserve your patients’ dignity. Here you’ll find hospice, hospital and health care facility toiletry essentials that are designed to help you provide the most positive experience possible. From fragrance free soaps and shampoo to facial wipes, disposable/ washable slippers and loofah mitts.

Additional amenities offered by Custom Amenities include a wide range of personal care products: mouthwash, deodorant, shave cream, ear plugs, eye masks and more.

Our no minimum order requirements are an economical solution. For clinics and care facilities with more than 100 rooms, Custom Amenities can offer further discounts to our online wholesale prices depending on volume.  Should you have any questions, we can help you through the product selection with knowledgeable, friendly customer service.

Never let your patients doubt that they are in the best hands. Choose toiletry supplies that let them know you care.