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A quick introduction

Custom Amenities has a long history of supplying hotels & resorts with premium guest room amenities, with uncompromising service and it all started back in 1961.

Hotel toiletries have sure changed a lot since the time when a hotel would put in a 1/2 oz bar of soap and call it a day. Today, they offer everything from salon grade liquids, luxurious vegetable soaps to ear plugs and terry cloth slippers. 

Custom Amenities Inc draws from a vast history of manufacturing and supplying guest care products that all started over 55 years ago, with a dream and a vision from an industry pioneer by the name of Casey Hansum.

Trained by the largest cosmetic company in the world, Mr. Hansum knew that by offering high quality products and industry leading customer service, CAI would develop into the well known hospitality supply company it has become today.

One of the many sayings that Mr. Hansum would repeat that resonates in all of our memories is:

“We must exceed our customers high standards by offering high quality products at a great price, while still maintaining unparalleled custom service.”

And today this is still one of our main philosophies.
We invite you to call us @ 1.800.661.1500 and speak with our sales team so that we can tailor our services to you specific needs and budget requirements.