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Hotel Bulk Body Wash ECO 1 per case

$34.95 $46.00

Our 5 L ECO Sciences Body Wash is sure to delight! This gentle yet effective formula is inspired by natural ingredients, renowned for their conditioning and nourishing properties that can be used daily to clean and moisturize thoroughly.

Mildly scented with Lemon Grass and offering excellent value for money, these 5 L Jugs are designed specifically for hotel shower dispensers; each 5 liter jug comes with an easy dispensing pump.  
Bulk hotel shampoo, bulk hotel soap, bulk hotel conditioner formulated for hotels, Bed and breakfasts, vacation rentals. Rental room supplies.

Use with the ECO Sciences Bulk Shampoo and  ECO Sciences Bulk Conditioner for best results.


Formula: Lemon Grass
Size: 5 L
Bulk Case Pack: 1

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